The Fine Art Of Recession Dating For Singles

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The economy may have slumped, but what about dating? Is there really such a thing as recession dating procedure? Yes, there is. Gone are the days of impressing your hot date with your platinum credit card and a bottle of Cristal. Prestigious restaurants and European sports cars are no longer de rigeur in these economically repressed times. What’s a single meant to do? What is OK and what is not when recession dating? Read on for some dating tips to ensure you have the right balance on those first few dates.

Widen Your Dating Circle
Right now, not everyone without employment is a loser. There are plenty of well educated career minded folk who are sans employer at the moment. Take a look at their employment history. Were they working last year and the year before that? Don’t be too harsh with your first impressions, how secure is your own job? Check your online dating profile wish list and ensure that it is a little recession dating friendly. Remain UpbeatThere may be a depressed economy but there is no reason to burden a new date with your woes. Keep your moaning and groaning for the cat. Everyone has bills to pay and everyone is probably just as concerned as you. Lighten up, at least for the date. If your date wanted a run down on the latest money matters they could be at home watching the news.

No Ostentatious Displays

For those lucky enough to have plenty of cash to throw around. Don’t. Many people out there at the moment are finding over spending insensitive at best. Tighten your belt like everyone else and adjust your visible spending. You don’t really want to be attracting gold diggers do you? Now is a great time to be able to discriminate between those after your money and those who are more genuine. Select less expensive venues, and no you don’t have to go all scuzzy. Concentrate on getting to know your date, instead of just enjoying the opulent surroundings.

No Divas Allowed

OK, if you are after a seriously wealthy fella you may have to change your game plan. Many single men at the moment are suddenly realizing several things. Firstly, their great career and bonuses may no longer be around. Does that mean the trophy wife will leave as well? Secondly, those who may still have plenty of cash are leery about throwing it around. You are going to have to show that you are more than just a label driven pretty face. Maybe take some cooking lessons? Learn to appreciate the smaller things in life?


Those who are adjusting to the surrounding times are going to do better romantically. There are plenty of fun things that you can do on a  date that don’t cost stacks of cash. Use your imagination and show your date that you can be a little creative. Show your playful and adventurous side.

Split the Bill

Single women who may have been happy to let the man pay on the first couple of dates should now be offering to contribute. The man may or may not accept a contribution. Your date will definitely appreciate the thoughtful offer. Show some consideration when eating out. It may be a great idea to not just select the most costly items on the menu.

Recession dates are an excellent opportunity to get to know your date for who they really are. Are they still attractive without quite so much cash? Are they well rounded? Can they even survive in these gloomy times? Is that single guy or gal available for a good reason? Recession dating, proving romance isn’t always about wining and dining in the very best restaurants with the very finest bubbly.

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