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Dating is troublesome—sometimes—especially when we’re talking about first dates. But even the second and nth dates can still become problematic. If you’re stuck in awkward situations with your date, you’re not alone. Faux pas and mistakes can occur even on well planned dates. Not that we’re being too negative, but we want you to wear that grin after a romantic dinner with your would-be lover. Get to know that mistakes can happen while planning for the rendezvous.

Some people have the mistaken notion of dating as a sort of a game, a social drama where seriousness is one of the last requirements. Yet it must be kept in mind that you can create a wrong impression of yourself to that person if you don’t hold a nice attitude and etiquette.

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Making a Good Impression

Dress up and look neat. You’re not going to church but you’re not going to a rowdy party either. If this is your first time to meet the person, look great. And make sure you arrive on time.

Dates are supposed to be fun. If you both are too serious, chances are both of you may hesitate meeting up again. Loosen up and talk about things the way you normally do when you meet new people.

Remark favorably on a nice dress or a good pair of shoes or simply good looks. People normally make it a point put their best effort when going out on a date, so be sure to give out some compliments—and it’s a nice way of having to toss something nice to say, something to start off with.

Communication is crucial and while both of you may be hesitant to light up a few words, start asking questions. Even what seems to be the silliest question can end in a fine conversation, and someone has to start the conversation—you don’t have forever to wait for the other to start talking.

What you mustn’t do when dating

If that was the first time you’ve met someone, then don’t go chasing them the next day—no frequent messaging and calling up, or the other may think you’re desperate for them. This is a repulsive behavior and you could drive your date away.

You can’t be late for it’s a sign of disrespect. Consider that the person you’re meeting with has set aside other things just to meet you, so make sure you turn up at the right time. If you should be late because something came up and you can’t possibly come on time, inform them over the phone or by any means.

  • Lying is a major misdemeanor. If you’re not comfortable telling the other about your family or economic status or job then leave these details untouched as of the moment. You can get away with your lies now but facts about eventually unfold in time. Don’t lie just to be more pleasing—instead show your date what and who you really are. Being proud of yourself is so much better than crafting good stories and half-truths.
  • While you should not lie, you also don’t have an obligation to lay everything about yourself on the arena. If it’s your initial date, don’t give too much information about yourself.
  • Stop turning your head—to see the cute guy in the corner or to check out that sexy girl passing by. This could earn you a bad reputation, so don’t be rude to your date.
  • No sex on the first date—no intimate romantic escapades. You don’t know each other that well yet. Whether you’re a male or a female, may have some reservations.
  • Don’t go out with a married man or woman. If you know the person is already wedded, it’s silly to pursue a date with them. Dating is generally just for singles.

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