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If you’re looking for online dating tips for guys that can help increase your chances of finding that romantic relationship you have been looking for all along, then this article is for you. Without a doubt, online dating can help you find love on the web – if you know how to play your cards right, that is.

Online dating in the US has finally gone mainstream. Gone are the days that you have to hide that fact that you have signed up for an online dating site to find your match. In fact, research shows that it has become the second most popular method of finding dates and potential partners. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

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Simple yet Effective Online Dating Tips for Guys

Given these facts, it pays to know how you can increase your chances of finding potential dates through this medium. How do you do it? Here are some expert online dating tips that can help you put your best foot forward:

Upload your best photo.

Put your best yet most accurate photo in your profile to attract more potential dates. So, you don’t know how to look good in your pictures? Well, since a lot of guys definitely need some help in this department, here are some tips that can help you:

  • Put on a genuine smile. Remember, a genuine smile doesn’t stop at the mouth. It eventually shows in your eyes.
  • Avoid having your photos taken under direct light. Direct light, especially direct sunlight, can be a little bit too harsh on you as it can make your flaws more noticeable.
  • Feature your best side. Everyone has best side so use it to your advantage. Learn how to pose for the camera so that it captures your best side.

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Let your pictures do the talking.

Some online dating sites let you upload a lot of photos so use this feature to let women know a little more about you. To make sure your photos will help you meet more interesting women, here are some suggestions you may want to consider:

  • Consider uploading three to six pictures at the most. The site may give you the freedom to upload as many as 26 photos in your profile but that doesn’t mean you have to make use of all that space. Remember, this is not your Facebook or MySpace account.
  • Post photos that reflect who you are. Action photos or pictures of you doing what you love most are good conversation starters so make sure you upload some of it in your profile.
  • Don’t upload photos that give a negative connotation. While it may be a good idea to show who you really are, you shouldn’t post pictures that will raise negative, questionable or weird connotations. Likewise, don’t even consider uploading a photo without your shirt on! Most women don’t approve of this – even if you have great abs.

Create an interesting intro. Don’t fall into the trap of putting up a boring intro. It just wouldn’t do you any good. Moreover, you also shouldn’t put up an intro that reflects your scepticism or something that doesn’t really tell anything about you. If you want effective dating tips for guys, put up an interesting intro that is neither too short nor too long. Touch on the basics and leave them wanting for more.

Stay active. Most dating sites put active users up on the main page of the site so it definitely pays to update your profile more frequently. Remember, the more active you are, the more activity your profile will attract.

Send a message to those who viewed your profile. While you may think that these women didn’t find you interesting, this necessarily isn’t always the case so why don’t you send them a message and see what happens next? Studies show that women who have already viewed your profile are more likely to reply to your messages.

Don’t get discouraged. Keep at it even if you have been ignored, forgotten and passed over for someone else. Don’t lose hope for you’ll eventually meet someone who will be right for you – and that will make everything well worth the effort.

So, why don’t you start putting these online dating tips into action and see how effective they can be?

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