The Dating Game: How to get that Girl. Asking for that First Date

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Never quite sure how to go about asking for that first date? Need to brush up on your seduction style? Intimidated by dating etiquette? Here’s how to get your dream date to say yes to that first date.

Did you know that only 5% of surveyed women stated Brad Pitt looks and serious wealth were the most important factors in determining whether or not they would say yes to a date with a guy? So take heart, because that leaves about 95% of girls out there who are more interested in your sense of humour and your level of caring and sweetness (not sweatiness). Do you really want to date a girl who is only interested in your bank balance? They have actually done you a great favour by saying ‘No Thanks’ haven’t they?
The Technique.

More than 50% of girls out there state that they prefer the up front approach when asking them out.

If the girl is someone you have known for a while eg: work colleague, friend of a friend, then you could start a casual conversation and then ask her if she would be interested in catching up with you on a date. The word “date” is quite important because it doesn’t allow for second guessing.

Do not be put off if she says she has other plans for that particular time as about 50% of women who state they are busy on that date, actually are. If she suggests an alternative date then she is genuinely interested.

If you’re prospective date is a relative stranger eg: met at a bar or party, after an appropriate length of chatting you should just say that you would love to catch up with her again and see what she says. If she gives you her phone number, then you should ring within 48 hours otherwise she will lose interest and momentum, and assume you are not interested or just playing games.

For an informative guide on whether or not she is really into you, read this article on Body Language of the Flirting Female.

The Image.

Women are extremely attracted to self-confident men. If you have confidence issues that you can’t work on yourself, why not try a few sessions with a professional to brush yourself up? If you haven’t the budget for a visit to a professional, this is an affective confidence guide for men. Self confident men make women feel safe and secure. Girls want to feel as if the fellow they are with will protect them and look out for them.

Try to keep your wardrobe stylish and impeccable. This needn’t cost a fortune. Take a female friend or sister with you if you are unsure about what to purchase. Otherwise have a look through some men’s magazines and choose a style that you like for yourself. Following fashion trends is fine but it is even better if you add your own little quirks to make yourself an individual. Yes, girls will notice.
Sense of Humour.

In all surveys of what women want, this consistently comes in first. Every dating guide that you read will tell you the same thing. It is vital that you can laugh at yourself. If you make a blunder while attempting to ask her out, try and make a joke about it and keep on with the conversation. Girls actually will warm up to a nervous guy because it brings out their protective sides. It also lets her know that you are a bit keen which they like to know. All body language experts will tell you that there is nothing more appealing to either sex than a great smile and laugh.

Thoughtfulness and Caring.

These two attributes run a close second in what girls are looking for in a fellow. Try and make your compliments genuine and original. While your first date venue should be laid back, put some thought into the location. Remember, laid back and casual does not equate cheap and skuzzy. Noticing things about your potential date scores enormous brownie points eg: new hair style, new outfit.

How to seduce a woman into a first date is not unachievable. Remember, self confidence, image and sense of humour will take you a long way. If you are serious about finding, attracting and keeping a girl, visit this link, watch the video and see why these free tips are a pretty good place to start.
Happy Dating, Coco Swan.

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