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So, you have sent an email to a woman who has viewed your dating profile but haven’t heard from her yet? And now, you’re thinking of sending her another email. Should you do it or should you move on? To help you make a better decision on what you should do next, here’s some online dating advice for men who are facing the exact same situation.

Should You or Should You Not?

While you can ultimately win a woman’s heart by pursuing her after she has turned you down in the real world, sending one email after another to a woman who has viewed your online dating profile may not give the same results. Do this and you will only give the impression that you are just another creepy character who needs to be avoided at all cost. Surely, you wouldn’t want to be perceived as such, right?

While the chances of getting a favorable response after sending a second email is quite low, there is also nothing wrong in trying – provided you do it right. To increase your chances of getting her to respond to your second email, here are some useful tips that you absolutely need to consider.

Online Dating Advice for Men who Believe in Second Chances

Make sure you read these tips if you decide to send a second email to someone who has viewed your online dating profile. For all you know, these may be all you need to change your luck!

  • Don’t get too excited. You need to let some time to pass before sending another email. To increase your chances, consider sending a follow up email after three or four days has passed.
  • Keep it short. Always keep in mind that the chances of getting good results by sending a second email can be very low. So, keep it short and simple. You would rather spend your time in doing things that can give you more productive results, right?
  • Don’t give the impression that you are obsessing over her. If you want to up your chances of getting noticed, don’t ask her why she didn’t get back to you when she has been online all the time. This will only give her the impression that you are stalking her online and this can kill all your chances of getting to know her. Who wants to meet a creep anyway?
  • Keep things light. Sending a second email can come out as a desperate or obsessive attempt so you need to keep it light to avoid giving this impression. Make your second email fun to read. Who knows? It may just increase your chances of knowing her if she enjoyed reading your follow-up email. Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose at this stage so you might as well have fun doing it.

Online Dating Advice for Men Who Don’t Want to Take Chances

Now, since the odds of getting a favorable reaction to second emails can be very low, you really need to make a good impression with your first email. How do you do it? Here’s how you can:

  • Make a good first impression. According to a study conducted by one of the most popular free online dating and social networking site OkCupid, sending emails that contains netspeak as well as glaring grammar and spelling mistakes can be a huge turn-off.
  • Avoid physical compliments. Complimenting a woman’s looks by using words such as beautiful, hot, sexy and cutie are perceived negatively. They say this sounds like a cheap pick-up line. So, if you want to compliment her, use words such as cool, awesome and nice. It makes a world of difference.
  • Show signs of modesty and humility. While most experts advice guys to show a little more self-confidence to have a more successful online dating experience, a guy who shows some signs of self-effacement actually gets more success! Perhaps this is because most women find them less threatening.

Do you think these online dating advice tips for men can be quite useful in your online dating journey? I know these will!

Good luck with that second email,

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