8 Dating Tips for Nerds and Geeks

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Nobody wants to be alone, especially during this holiday season, or any other day for that matter. Everybody wants to have 8 Dating Tips for Nerds and Geeks and be with someone special. But what if you’re a nerd or a geek? How do you make this happen?

Let’s face it, geeks and nerds have a harder time looking and asking for dates. A lot of girls prefer to go out with more confident men. Well, there’s always somebody who fancies going out with a nerd or a geek but just exactly how do you find her? And once you find her, how do you make sure you’ll have the chance to go out with her? If you’re totally clueless on what to do, here are some tips that may help you:

  1. Be comfortable with yourself. The first rule to meeting and dating women is to be comfortable with yourself. Know who you really are, capitalize on your strengths and improve on your weaknesses. It’s time to be proud of who you really are.
  2. Build your self confidence. I can hear you saying, “Yeah, right…”. Hey, if you really want to meet someone and hold her attention long enough to get that chance to make her see beyond your geeky and nerdy exterior, you need to look confident. Pretend, if you need to, but not too much. Realize that you are special and that you have special skills and knowledge that other more physically attractive men don’t have. And that’s an ace up your sleeves!
  3. Go meet the girls. As soon as you feel you’re up to it, it’s time to meet some interesting girls. If you’re not eyeing anyone you know from school, work or your neighbourhood, you can check out some credible online dating sites.
  4. Don’t skirt the issue. If you want to ask a lady out for a date, then tell her so. She may or may not go out with you but don’t let that bring you down. There are a lot of other interesting ladies you’ll meet along the way and one of them may just be the right one for you.
  5. Ask and listen. Show her that you’re interested in knowing her better. Start asking things about her and pay total attention to what she’s saying. Talk less, listen more. It will surely help you score some very good points with her!
  6. Be creative with your first date. Taking your date to the movies on your first night out is probably not a good idea. You wouldn’t have the chance to know more about her and you’ll just be like any other guy she dated in the past. Set yourself from the rest in a good way. Take her somewhere that appeals to her interests. That alone will show that you’ve really taken the time to know more about her. If that doesn’t give you additional style points, I don’t know what else will.
  7. Don’t put yourself down. Perhaps you’ve been living with the stigma for so long that you tend to put yourself down at times. This would lead you nowhere and is definitely one of the biggest mistakes you can ever commit. Leave your insecurities and perceived personal flaws behind if you want to have a successful date.
  8. Relax. There’s no need to be a nervous wreck. Just enjoy your date and have fun getting to know her better.

Keeping these suggestions in mind will help you become a better date. So what if you are a nerd or a geek? There are wonderful girls out there who would rather go out with you than with any other guy. Find her and keep her.

If you found one thing in this article that can help create that spark in your love life, then you’re way ahead!

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