What to Wear on a First Date – 9 Cool Fashion Tips for Men

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Are you wondering 9 Cool Fashion Tips for Men Do you think you usual fashion sense (or the lack of it) will be enough to guide you through in choosing what you should wear during this critical time?

If you are at a loss on how you should look and present yourself to your date to make a good first impression, you really need some help – fast! And that is why you really need to read this article from beginning to end.

More than just looking good, dressing up appropriately gives your date the impression that you respect her and appreciate the fact that she’s going out with you on this very special night. It will likewise improve your chances that she’ll go out with you again because you look nice.

By being a savvy dresser, you’ll actually stand out from the rest of the guys who only look good in their profile pictures, and not in person.

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So, just how do you accomplish this task? Here are some very cool tips and tricks in impressing your date with your newly-found fashion sense:

  1. Observe proper hygiene. Everything starts with proper hygiene. After all, even the most effective fashion tips will be rendered useless if you don’t take care of yourself properly. So, make sure you shower at least once a day, shampoo your hair every two or three days, brush and floss your teeth regularly, and keep your nails trimmed. Before going out on a date, it is also advisable that you clip those unsightly nose hairs, too. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.
  2. Start poring over some style magazines. Do you want to know the latest fashion trends before heading out to shop? If you’re totally clueless about what works and what doesn’t, you really need to turn the pages of several men’s fashion magazines in the likes of GQ, FHM and Details magazine. Or if you don’t want to spend any money on this, you can always check online magazines for free.
  3. Determine your personal fashion style. Although it is good to check what styles are currently in, you should never let the trend take over your personality. Let your manner of dressing reflect your true self and you’ll do just fine.
  4. Seek the help of a female friend. Yup, asking a female friend to help you shop for clothes can be a very good idea, especially if she’s within your age range and is a smart dresser herself. Just tell her to help you bring out the best in you without losing your true personality in the process. Don’t worry, your fashionable female friends will understand what you want and help you find what looks best on you.
  5.  Wear the right kind of jeans. If you are not going to a formal party, it is best to refrain from wearing dress pants or Khaki pants for they don’t give you the freedom to show your personal style. Wear jeans that fit your body well to always look your best.
  6. Go for the best fit. Wearing clothes that are either too loose or too tight-fitting is a definite no-no. Choose clothes that fit you comfortably. That alone will definitely make you tick!
  7. Use color to your advantage. Whether you are wearing a dress shirt or a button up shirt, your choice of color can make or unmake you. So, choose hues that flatter your natural skin tone. Stay away from beige since this tends to drain color around the face. French blue, on the other hand, seems to work best on all skin tones.
  8. Stay away from loud patterns, blaring designer labels and glittery shirts and suits. They just don’t look good on you or anyone else for that matter.
  9. Wear the right kind of shoes. Listen up, guys. Sneakers are never meant to be worn on a date. If you are serious in making this work, you need to wear a nice pair of dress shoes. And always keep them squeaky clean. Remember, women often judge you by the shoes you wear!

After reading these nifty fashion ideas, do you think you can start dressing appropriately for your first date and beyond? Well, I bet you do!

Don’t forget to look good on you first date,

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