The Science of Love and Attraction

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For every single girl- young or old- nothing really beats knowing a trick or two on how to get a guy to notice and like you.

We all want to know the The Science of Love and Attraction of getting a guy to like you but have you ever stopped to wonder why we want that – to know how to get a guy? And more importantly, why you like the guy you like?

Well, science has answers to that. Even though science and love aren’t really two concepts that see eye to eye all the time, there is much research, surveys and statistics that might actually surprise you. Some of these may be helpful for you to further understand how to get a guy and some of these facts may serve as something to just tickle your fancy.

Fate versus Pheromones

It started with a glimpse. It was love at first sight. The world stopped when our eyes met.

Ever heard of love stories that started with these lines?

Well, for the hopeless romantic, this all sounds really great. Nothing beats a love story that starts from a scene that’s straight out of a movie script or sounds like the lyrics to the latest love song.

But if you ask anyone from the scientific community, be ready to hear a lot of medical jargon and different facts and figures (yes, it does take the fun out of attraction, don’t you think?)

A recent study from Indiana University showed that it takes less than 10 seconds for a person to determine who they are attracted to and who they’re not attracted to. This means that if you want to know how to get a guy, you should probably look for lightning speed strategies or ways that would involve preparation prior to the actual meeting.

Here are some factors or theories on what makes a person attractive to another (you can use these theories to devise your own strategies on how to get a guy):

Guys who smell good are more attractive because the olfactory function (sense of smell) of a woman’s brain is more developed than men.

Some researchers also say that we are attracted to certain pheromones, especially when sweating. These pheromones give off transparent chemical signals to another person.

A woman’s menstrual cycle usually affects the kind of men she is attracted to. There are certain days of the month when a woman’s hormone are too crazy that they can be attracted to anyone.

Another famous theory is that we are attracted to people who resemble the same facial features as you.

So, How to Get a Guy?

You’ve read the scientific reasons on why you want to know how to get a guy and we all know the result that you want to get. But how do you do it?

Now, even though there are many theories on causes of attraction, here’s some sad and bad news: science has yet to discover a set of strategies that could show you how to get a guy. Knowing the reasons behind it can help, right?

There are many reasons why you want to know how to get a guy to like you or to at least notice that you exist. It may be your obsession with romantic movies or novels or because your friends are pressuring you to find a boyfriend already.

Regardless of those reasons, you have to remember the most effective way to get a guy to like you is to make sure that you like and love yourself first! When you’ve got that right then go and sign-up for these free tips on how to get a guy.

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