The Secrets on How to Get a Girlfriend Even When You’re no Brad Pitt

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Do you have a poor track record with girls? Are you shy, geeky, short, not hot? Has your approach with single women so far involved hanging outside the women’s bathrooms? Do you want to know how to get a hot girlfriend? Do you need tips on how to get a girl to like you? Are you desperate for a date? Seeking sex, romance, or even love? Well then, you need to read on for those essential tips on how to get a girlfriend.

The first thing to tell yourself is that you do not need to look like Brad Pitt or have a platinum credit card to get a hot girlfriend. There are sure fire ways to get a girlfriend. You just need to know the secrets. Secrets! What secrets? I hear you asking yourself. Exactly! If you already knew the secrets you wouldn’t be sitting here moaning to yourself that you don’t have a hot girlfriend to have sex with ( or any girl for that matter).

Dating girls is not rocket science. You do however need a technique. You also need practice. Once you know these secrets and start to use them, you too will realize that money and good looks are not the criteria for how to get a girl. (Unless she is a gold digger and you don’t want one of those!)

Tips on how to get a Girlfriend:

1. No awful pick up lines. Women the world over have heard all the tired and cheesy lines. They do not think they are clever. A great way to get a girl engaged in a conversation is to ask her opinion on something. “What do you think about…?” is a great way to get a woman talking.

2. Focus on your Appearance. She won’t notice that you might be carrying a few extra pounds. However, she will notice if you smell, have bad breath, dirty hair, filthy nails, and uncared for clothes. Girls love cleanliness. She will not have sex with you if she thinks you have poor hygiene, ever. (Unless she is feral or into grunge, in which case you are probably not reading this article anyway.)

Clean your teeth before you go out. Wash your hair. Apply deodorant. Have your hair cut into a flattering and contemporary style. Girls like the whole package to be clean and presentable. Potential girlfriends are far more interested in you as a whole, than whether or not your nose is too big.

3. Sense of Humor. A sense of humor is vital in how to get a girl to like you. Single women rate a good sense of humor as being more important than wealth and good looks. Learn how to laugh at yourself. Getting a girlfriend will be much easier when you learn how to laugh. A wicked sense of humor is appreciated by all girls.

4. Remember that there are single women everywhere. You do not have to live in night clubs to meet other singles. Women can often be far more approachable in the coffee shop or grocery store, than in a night club where they are constantly being hit on by other men. These scenarios can be great for practicing your social skills and new found techniques for getting a girl.

5. Don’t Hang Back. If you see a girl you fancy, approach her. Don’t wait too long or someone else may beat you too it. Start walking over and think about something to say to her on the way. Don’t creep up on her, and don’t rush her like a footballer. Walk up normally and smile.

6. Be Prepared. The more you practice talking to single women the easier it will be to get a girlfriend. Getting dates is a percentage game. The more you get out there, the more successful you will be.

7. Online Dating. If you really want to find a girlfriend you should be signed up to some dating websites. If you are reading this article there is no reason at all for you to not do so. You already have access to a computer and the internet.

The best thing about online dating is that the single girls there are looking for guys. The best tip on how to get a girlfriend from a dating website is to post an original profile and include a photo. Make sure the photo is recent and flattering. We would all like to look like we did when we were younger, but be honest with yourself. If you are bald, don’t post a photo of yourself with your long flowing golden locks. What is she going to think when she meets you?

There are great dating websites out there. The best part about online dating is that you get to meet a lot of single girls without having to go to a nightclub to do so. Think of the money you can save in covers, parking and drinks! All from the comfort of your lounge room and in your daggiest (worst) track pants.

This are great dating sites review services you should use because they aren’t committed to any one site. Have a look around and see which one of the reviewed internet dating sites suits you. There’s a link at the top of this page which says Reviewed Dating Sites which you can try later.

Still not convinced? Still fearful of rejection? Don’t think you’re good looking enough? If you are serious about finding, attracting and keeping a girl, visit this link, watch the video and see why these free tips are a pretty good place to start. It shows you (convincingly) how to get a girl when it seems impossible. I’ll bet it changes your dating life to the better in a week, sometimes it’s only days. Just make sure you take action on what you learn.

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