Get a Girl Without Having Hot Looks Or Money

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Are you under the impression that you will always be alone because you don’t look like Brad Pitt? Are you tired of being single? Well, you can get a girl to like you just for you. Yep that’s right. Love handles, bad skin, non movie star looks. It doesn’t have to matter out there in dating land if you are not so hot yourself.

Ever wondered how some guys get girls even when they seem uglier, fatter, shorter, or older than you? Have you always put it down to them obviously being really rich? Well, although this may seem like a logical explanation it is certainly not the only one. Has it occurred to you that these guys may be getting a girl through personality alone?

Yes, we have all heard the euphemism “great personality” to describe unfortunate looking dates. However, with this particular dating strategy the secret is really all about your personality. Yep, that’s right. No designer clothes, European cars, or black credit cards required. Sound like you? Read on for more information on how to get a hot girl to date you.

The most crucial part to how to get women to find you attractive is to be attractive. Nope, not with your looks or necessarily your outfit, but with the real you. (A note here to the unwise: no girl will go out with you, regardless of your personality, if you don’t do the basics like shower, wear deodorant, and clean clothes.)

The real you is the man hiding underneath the low self esteem and embarrassment. The man who isn’t scared to display his real thoughts and feelings. Once you stop trying to be the alpha male or sex symbol and just be yourself, the girls will start pursuing you.

Have you lost sight of the real you? Have you been rejected so many times that you can’t remember what you think about much of anything? Has the unfunny guy with the awful pick up lines taken over your body? Personality dating is all about you reclaiming the real you and taking advantage of the great aspects of yourself.

Learn how to not just start conversations, but keep them flowing. Learn how to project yourself as a confident and attractive person, regardless of your physique, face, or bank balance. Learn how to get a date with the sense of humor that appeals to women. Once you learn these secrets to making yourself be attractive to females you too can be the dude at the bar or party with all the hot women draped all over him.

How do you get a girl to like you? Be yourself. Unsure of how to get there? Need to know how to practice these sure fire dating techniques? How to get girls to find you hot is basic when you know how. What’s more it is easy, because you will be behaving as you are meant to behave, not how you think you should behave.

Transform your sex life. Become a wanted man. Have hot girls chasing you. You don’t have to be dateless again. If you are serious about finding, attracting and keeping a girl, visit this link, watch the video and see why these free tips are a pretty good place to start.

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