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The dream date of your life doesn’t know you exist. How to get that girl to love you. 9 Tips that You Can Get Your Dream Girl can make her yours.

1: Personal hygiene. Girls place a lot of emphasis on cleanliness. You will never get a girl if you have greasy hair, dirty fingernails or you don’t wear deodorant. (Unless, of course the girl is into the grunge look). These may seem like unimportant things to you but girls are really turned off by guys who they think are not clean. Yes. They will notice. Go easy on the pongy aftershave as well. You are going for clean and natural.

Make sure you also clean your teeth daily. Bad breath is another no no. She will never kiss you if she can’t get past your breath.

If you have issues with your skin there are many great products out there to invest in. This is not such an issue as all of the above, if you can just make sure that your skin looks clean and well tended.

2: Image. Do you look like you fit in with her circle of friends? Maybe it’s time for a new haircut and some new clothes. If you are unsure, ask your sister, female friend or relation for advice. You don’t have to be a clone of the people she hangs out with, but maybe you just need to adjust your style a bit so it meshes. Being your own person is good so long as it is not too out there or just plain socially unacceptable.

3: Smile. Whenever you see your dream girl you should smile. In a natural way. Not a scary stalking way. It is actually very hard not to acknowledge someone when they smile at you. Try it and see for yourself. Observe other things that make her smile.

4: Be prepared. If you are very shy or get tongue-tied around her think of things to say to her in advance. Ask her if she had a good weekend. What is she doing this weekend? This will also give you some clues as to what she likes to do in her spare time, where she goes, what interests she has. You may find that you already have things in common. If you do, you should work on that. For example, you both might like the same band and can then arrange to go in a group to see them. Get to know the sexual body language of the flirting woman. Group outings are good because then the girl will feel safe. Maybe you can arrange to just catch up there. You may find that you already go to the same club or venue but on a different night, in which case you need to change your night.

5: Sense of humour. People are always attracted to happy people. You don’t have to become a professional clown but girls like guys who can laugh at themselves and don’t take themselves too seriously, especially initially. Look around at any bar or party. Is the crowd around the skulking surly person or the guy with the big smile and laugh? It just takes practice.

6: Notice things about her. All girls like guys to notice their new hairstyle. This is because so many guys don’t. Even if it looks really slight to you, it isn’t to her. Commenting on new shirts or clothes is also fantastic. Especially if you compliment her on them. Once she realises you are noticing her she will probably start to play along just to see what happens. You will now have her curiosity.

7:Build up her trust. This is very situation dependent. Is she a work colleague or someone with less history who sells you your lunch? Obviously if you work with her this will probably be easier than if she is more of a stranger. If you work with her you can arrange things so that you can go out for group drinks, activities etc. In this kind of environment you can also offer to help her out with stuff like fixing cars, moving house, etc. Try to start being a good friend to her so she can see what a great guy you are. Before long, she may wonder how she got along without you. With more of a stranger, building up trust will take more time and will definitely need at least one group activity so she can see that you are safe. In this scenario, tagging along with her and her friends is probably a good idea, as she will be thinking there is safety in numbers. Getting to know her friends is a great way to getting to know her better.

8: No stalking. You must not do anything that could be construed as stalking, crossing personal boundaries, or in the workplace, what could be construed as sexual harassment. Keep it friendly and appropriate. We all know the saying ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’. You don’t have to be in her face the whole time.

9: Keep her guessing. Girls like a bit of a challenge.

No hype here. Just do it. Here’s the best guide that I’ve been invited to read and believe me, I get to review nearly one a month. If you are serious about finding, attracting and keeping a girl, visit this link, watch the video and see why these free tips are a pretty good place to start.

Good Luck.

Coco Swan.

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    Hey everyone, greetings from Denmark. This is a cool site. I’m wondering if you have any advice on staying out of the friend zone with women? I’m really tired of girls telling me they just want to be friends. Perhaps I’m being too nice?

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