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Are you hoping to meet your perfect match by participating in online dating sites? Well, if you are, you may be thrilled to know that you can really find your Mr. or Ms. Right in such places, especially if Lady Luck decides to grant you your wish. However, you should also be prepared to deal with a lot of people who can be quite annoying, to say the least. After all, there are a lot of these characters in these free online dating sites.

Dealing with Online Dating Site Annoyances

There are varying degrees of annoyances in online dating sites and these may range from mild to dangerous. Do you know how to deal with such people? Do you know what you can do to put a stop to the annoyances they are causing? Well, if you need some help along these lines, here are some tips you may want to consider.

Mild Annoyances

What should you consider as mild dating site annoyances? Well, these may be the people who try a little bit too hard to catch your attention by sending you countless messages and emails. These people are desperately looking for love and affection and may either just fade away or continue wooing you if you tell them you are simply not interested in them.

In the same manner, using old photos that are about 5, 10 or even 15 years old can also be very annoying and deceiving to say the least. Here are some other things that most people in online dating sites find mildly annoying:
Using awful screen names. How often have you met MsPerfect, MrAwesome or SexyBabe?

Moderate Annoyances

Perhaps you have already met these kinds of people in online dating sites. These are those people who literally take over the dating site in a very annoying fashion. They consider themselves as a cut above the rest and are quite arrogant and self-centered, too. As such, they are very likely candidates to be kicked out of the site by the site’s moderator or administrator.

Major Dating Site Annoyances

Have you ever met people who can’t take no for an answer? Strong-willed and extremely persistent, these people have the makings of a future stalker so it is best to report such characters to the site administrator or moderator as soon as you meet them. Remember, ignoring such people wouldn’t make them fade away. You need to take the appropriate action before someone gets into serious trouble.

Dangerous Dating Site Annoyances

Needless to say, you should take dangerous dating annoyances very seriously for these people have the tendency to cause serious physical, mental and emotional harm. These people usually have psychological problems and wouldn’t rest until they get what they want. Aside from reporting such people to the online dating site moderator, you should also consider contacting the police to ensure your safety.

Now that you have a fairly good idea of all the online dating site annoyances there are, is there anything you can do about it? Well, yes. You can use the report button to inform the site moderator of any abuse or harassment committed by anyone using the site. When sufficient evidence is found and the offending person is deemed dangerous, he (or she) can be kicked out from the site. Their reputation will follow them everywhere they go online so that they wouldn’t be accepted by any other online dating site ever again.

You can also change your email accounts and screen names in case you are being cyber-stalked. However, you may want to keep your old accounts open to document any ongoing abuse.

Now, if you don’t want to get caught up in all of these, you should take the necessary precautions right from the very start. Here are some tips that may help you ensure your safety:

  • Don’t use your real name and/or real email address online.
  • Don’t give any personal information.
  • Use genderless screen names.

Always remember that your safety should always come first.

Keep safe,
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