Great concept, have twenty five dates in one night and you do not have to spend more than three minutes with any of them. Speed dating started in the Big Apple by Ken Deckinger and Adele Testani HurryDate is a super fun new way to meet people.

What they say about themselves;

We bring together tons of singles, a cool bar, lots of drinks and a wild, anything-goes vibe to make each HurryDate party a total head-spinning blast. It’s a great way to meet lots of new people, while avoiding the agonizing four-hour blind date gone bad.

Maybe you’re looking to end your dating dry spell. Maybe you just got dumped and are looking for the perfect rebounder. Maybe you’re looking for a new tennis partner. Maybe you just want to conduct your own personal study on the favorite ice cream flavors of single people. In any case, you’ve never experienced anything quite like HurryDate on your typical night out after work. On your mini-speed-dates you’ll have no problem weeding out the “yeah babys” from the “not if my life depended on its.” It’s quick, painless and really fun! REALLY!

Rating 5/5

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