How to Get Women to Say “YES!” to You

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Are you nervous asking out a girl you really like? Do you feel that beautiful, sexy women only choose to date handsome, wealthy, and smart men? You are not alone. Most guys are intimidated to ask the girl of their dreams for fear of rejection and just settle for someone who is average looking.

If you observe and look around you might notice that some average looking men can afford to date model like beauties and sexy girls. You can do it too! Even if you’re old,  fat, and ugly you can make a woman say “yes” to you just by understanding what women look for and how to treat them right.

Learn to actively listen.

Women love to talk. They want to be able to share their thoughts and desires with someone who truly listens. If you can remember details of your conversation, such as why she hates dancing or why she loves pizza then you can be assured of a positive response from her. You must pay attention to every word she says so when she asks a question you can give a good answer, continue the conversation and impress her.

Impressing Women Means Be observant.

Look for clues by maintaining eye contact and noticing the way your woman smiles, laughs, and react to you. During conversations, try not to look at her body, instead focus on her face, especially her eyes.

  • You are doing the right thing if you notice that she is constantly touching you more than friends do. Be confident when she finds excuses to tap you in the arm or playfully punch your chest.
  • If a girl seems to like you but still maintain her distance, don’t be alarmed yet. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you, she may be just too self conscious to do so. If this happens then don’t start touching her because you might scare her and you might give the wrong impression.
  • Be alert on how a woman looks at you. If you catch her looking at you just smile and if she likes you she will smile back or pull away her gaze if she’s shy. Either way, a woman looking straight to a guy would mean she’s interested.

Ask the right questions.

Here’s the tricky part. You might have done everything right but you might still fail if you don’t carefully pick your words when asking a girl out. Timing is important. If you don’t want to be disappointed and receive a lot of no’s stop asking permission from women. Try to be creative and devise a script to make your questions more effective and powerful.

  • Instead of saying, “Can I have your number?” you might want to say “What’s a good time to call you? We should have each other’s numbers.
  • In place of “Would you like to hang-out with me?” you can tell her “I found a nice lounge that plays your type of music on Friday and Saturday nights, which night are you free?”

Learn and practice lots of great conversation techniques to be on your way to seducing the woman of your dreams.

Remember that women don’t want boring guys; they always crave for a sense of adventure.

Women are drawn into men who present a challenge. They look for a sense of adventure with men who are “in demand” and who has other romantic options. The competitive nature of women is challenged when she can sense that she’ll have to be the best to keep away other woman from you.

So, you have to play the part. Be confident in your own skin but don’t be a show off. Engage in interesting activities and let her know you live an active, fun and spontaneous lifestyle.

Following these tips and having a positive attitude is the key to success. Stop wondering if you’re good enough for a girl. Always be positive and on the go!

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