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This piece of online dating literature in the form of a guide is for males. More accurately it is for single males looking for a specific kind of woman – high quality and attractive women. It lends itself to finding, attracting and dating women using the internet as a vehicle. The mode of operation are more often Facebook, MySpace and other Web 2.0 style of sites. If you don’t know what web 2.0 means…it doesn’t matter because this literature is about successfully dating girls not internet technology and that’s how the guide is written. It’s goal is to skill you up to get girls as often as you have the time via the internet.

I’ve been reviewing these things (things being anything to do with dating and attraction) for some time now. This one takes the cake though. Nothing seems to be overlooked.


It’s easy to read and is extremely clear with every step described to a ‘T’. It would be difficult to go wrong with an easy to read guide like this compared to most others I’ve seen.


Other programs we reviewed were good but none have been as effecive as this. We went through Derek Lamont’s messaging process (just part of the advice) and after only 4 attempts the round we had orgaized a date with one of our staff. The second round we were successfuk in the 2nd attempt with a stunningly beautiful woman who also dated one of our staff.  Each time these dates were achieved in less that an hour. The results have been tested and all errors have been looked at over and over until finally there were no more things to change. It simply works extrenmely well. You can see what the referees testify in that area on the introduction page. They even include audio to make it that much better.


Apart from the obvious value you gain from the guide (down-loadable), there are also a bunch of useful bonuses thrown in. I don’t believe they needed to do that because the ebook is good by itself but I guess the bonuses make it a must to buy if you were ‘sitting on the fence’ (by yourself).

Online Game Guide

Online Game Guide


If you want to get the best possible value from your computer and you’re a single male, this is excellent value for money. It’s even guaranteed. The value comes from not just being easy to read, or easily downloaded or all the bonuses you get as well, but this little gem gets results! That’s the reason you’d buy it and there is no other dating books as thorough and focussed on this area of picking up women. You’d be crazy not to try this out if you want to date single beautiful women online

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