Our Relationship is Over – Why Are You Still Together?

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There will come a time when your relationship is over, but it doesn’t end and you continuously ask yourself why you are still together?  Some couples stay together, even when it is clear that the relationship makes them both miserable.  Time passes and these types of relationships rarely get better, unless both parties are willing to do extreme amounts of work.  So, the question remains.  If it is obvious that your relationship is over, you must be honest with yourself and ask, why are you still together?

How Do You Know When Your Relationship Is Over?

In some relationship there are visible, obvious signs that the relationship is over.  Other relationships have sign that are more subtle and possible to miss. Such signs might include lack of physical intimacy or constantly picking fights with one another.  Such signs are the first clue that your relationship may be over and you must decide what you should do about it.

Why Are You Still Together?

There is a reason you are both still together.  Maybe you both want to stay where you are comfortable.  However, just because you are comfortable with each other does not mean you are happy.  If you are not happy and you don’t feel as if the other loves you, then the relationship could be doing you more harm than good.  You need to ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Are You Both Getting Your Relationship Needs Met?

You both have needs.  Perhaps in your relationship, you need to spend time together, have affection; compassion and intimacy or you might just need someone to talk to. If you or your partner is not getting your needs met, the relationship tends to disintegrate into a downward spiral. You need to decide if your relationship is over if any of the above things are sounding familiar.

Do You Want the Relationship to End?

Breakups are painful, and people naturally do anything they can to avoid pain.  When your relationship is over, but you are both still together, resentment begins to build up along with a fair amount of anger and hatred as well. This toxic environment will only make breaking up harder in the end.

If you have asked yourself why you are still together, there is a good chance that your relationship has come to an end.  You need to start thinking about what is best for you and your partner.  By staying in a relationship with each other, both of you are keeping each other from relationships you want and deserve to be in.

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