Religious Sites are an Indian Marriage service. Here is what they say about their matchmaking. What I liked about the site was that you your own My Shaadi panel where you can read statistics about how many people have viewed your profile, how many have contacted you and how many people match your partner profile.

How does eMatchmake match my profile with other members’ profiles?

To illustrate how eMatchmaker works lets see an example:

• Geeta is a 22-year old Hindu working girl, slim and fair. She is looking for a 25-28 year    old Hindu boy, working as a computer professional.

• Ganpat is 25-year old, Hindu, and a computer professional in USA. He is looking for a    22-25 year old Hindu working girl.

• Thus, there is excellent compatibility between Geeta and Ganpat i.e. a two-way eMatch    has occurred!

The eMatchmaker. works automatically once you have set up your profile and partner profile. For the eMatchmaker service to be able to work more effectively, you must include as many details as possible in you personal profile and also specify a partner profile.

RATING 4.5/5

This is a comfortable community for single Muslims to meet. The emphasis is on the Arabic speaking. There are chat rooms for the Arabic speakers. If you are a single Muslim looking for friends with a view to matchmaking, then this is a good solid site. They offer two way matching and a photograph gallery.

Rating 5/5

This site offers friends’ romance or marriage within the Jewish faith. It does not have a large database only 90, 000 people, but it does fulfil it’s objectives. That is it offers Jews a dating site to meet people with the same religion. It covers straights and gays and bisexuals. However the prominent number appear to be straight.

It has an easy feel to it, and you can join for free. It does tell you on the homepage automatically how many people are from your country of origin, but it does rather give the impression, that because of the small database the relationships tend to be long distance. Also I looked at available men in the U.S.A and most were over 50.

Rating 5/5

This is a site for Christian singles to mingle in the setting of a virtual café. They offer ten days free trial, which is 7 to log your profile, and three to put up your photos. They also offer an extra five days free for every referral you send to them. If the testimonial site is anything to go by, then this site works as a great Christian dating service.

Rating 5/5

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