Single Dads Dating – Some Tips to Remember

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Single Dads Dating

Now that your divorce is final and the dust has settled, you may feel like getting back into the dating game.  Things have definitely changed now that you’re a single dad, though.  You know you need to be a lot more careful about whom you invite into your life, as this person will be in your child’s life as well.

When meeting new people, it’s important to consider how this person might one day interact with your child.  Carefully evaluating shared values and personality of the women you meet will payoff in a mature and loving relationship down the road.  There are quite a few criteria or qualities you should look for in a potential mate that will be good for you and for your child as well.

Is she Fun?

Ask friends that have been married for a long time how they did it, and they’ll often tell you that they have FUN together. Fun and laughter are both powerful aphrodisiacs, and they help to keep relationships together.

Since you’ve just suffered through a breakup and divorce, “fun” might not be part of your vocabulary, and you need to revive that inner child who is always playing.

When you meet new people, think to yourself about them and be sure to ask if they’d be a fun person to have around with your child. She may be sexy or super-intelligent but just not the right fit when it comes to your little one.

Is she Patient?

Imagine you’re at a nice restaurant drinking wine and dining by candlelight, completely focused on only each other.  Then a toddler bolts from his mother and runs up to your table to say hello, and the romance comes to a shrieking halt.  You think the little girl is adorable and is just being a kid, but your date has a dreadful look on her face. This is not a good sign since it means she doesn’t seem to like kids too much, and she definitely doesn’t care for them getting your attention instead of her.

Is she Healthy?

You want to be sure that she is someone who takes care of herself and will set a good example. If she exercises regularly and eats healthy foods as much as possible, she’ll be telling your child by her actions that she believes these are the proper things to do to stay healthy.

How about her inner child?

Your new friend might suggest a trip to the drive-thru exotic animal park, and you know the place well since you’ve taken your little girl a few times. When the emu grabs the whole cup of seed she has to feed the animals, she laughs uncontrollably. The right woman for you in your situation knows how to have a great time and play, no matter what. Everyone has an inner child, but some people embrace theirs while others deny it. You want a woman who embraces her inner child.

Is she flexible?

Being a single father means that things will come up unexpectedly and you will have to change your plans to accommodate your child, or your child’s mother, at times. Sometimes Mom will need you to pick your child up from school if she can’t get there, or there may be an emergency where you’ll be needed immediately.  So you need to ask yourself how flexible the woman is that you’re getting to know.  The last thing you need while your child is getting stitches is somebody having a temper tantrum because you aren’t paying attention to her.

How about the company she keeps?

When you get serious enough about her to start meeting some of her friends, keep in mind the old saying about “birds of a feather…”  Everyone is on their best behavior when meeting someone new, and this might give you the best indication of what your new girlfriend is really like. How do they interact with her, and with you? Do they seem to be decent people? Do they seem to be free of any really serious bad habits, like drinking excessively or doing drugs?

When you want your children to know how much you love them, you spend time with them and do fun things together.  Ask yourself if the woman you’re dating would enjoy doing those types of things, and remind yourself that if she doesn’t it might make for some bitter feelings at times.

When you’ve finished pondering over the above tips we have reviewed & scrutinized some single parent dating sites we think are worth a visit. You don’t have to do anything now unless you have a few minutes up your sleeve. Otherwise you can bookmark this page at one of the bookmarks I’ve provided below so you can find it again later.

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