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If you are a single parent, you are not alone. You may feel alone, but there are almost 14 million* others just like you in the United States alone. While it is only natural to want some time on your own following a split from the parent of your child or children, at some point you will be looking for another companion. Single parent dating can be a little more tricky than dating sans children.

Here’s a video which supplies more tips than just Christmas tips for single parents dating. See for yourself – it’s pretty helpful.

It may have been a while since you even had to contemplate dating. The singles world may have changed dramatically if you have been out of the scene for more than a few years. However, dating isn’t rocket science, and with a few little pointers you will be well equipped to be dating as a single parent.

Relationship expert and Relate-trained counsellor, Suzie Hayman gives some of her tips on this video


For those who feel a little lost in the dating wilderness why not try these single parent dating tips:

  • Best foot forward. Before getting out amongst it, you may want to update your appearance. Do you need to lose a few pounds? Get a new hairstyle or color? A few new clothes? You don’t need to spend a fortune, just give yourself a little freshening up. It will do wonders for your self esteem and confidence. If you don’t feel attractive, no-one else will find you attractive either.
  • Leave the past behind. You may well be broken hearted and upset, but so are most other single parents. Leave the moaning and groaning for your nearest and dearest. Try not to be all bitter and twisted when meeting new people. Relationship breakups are not conversations for first introductions.
  • Make yourself emotionally available. There is no point wasting your time and anybody else’s if you are not ready for a new play mate. It can take time before you will feel ready and up to meeting new people. However, if after 6-12 months you still do not feel strong enough, you may need a little professional help.
  • Online dating. One of the best innovations for singles is online dating. For those who are pushed for time, babysitters, or don’t like singles bars, online dating can be a great bonus. Look around at a few dating sites before committing to any one in particular. There are plenty to select from including such niches as Christian, Jewish, particular nationalities and races, military, and the like.
Online dating can save you a fortune in babysitters fees and drinks in single bars. Best of all, you can participate from your own lounge room when the children are tucked up in bed, and you are in your jim jams or comfy at home clothes. It doesn’t matter whether you are having a fat day or bad hair day, no one will ever know.
  • Single parent dating websites. Single parents dating sites are specifically catering for those other 14 million parents who are currently without a partner. This can be ideal for those who prefer to be dating other like minded individuals. If you would prefer to be dating singles who are also juggling the joys of parenthood then this can be the ideal way to go.
  • Speed dating. This is a fantastic way to meet a whole lot of singles in the one evening or function. Scrub yourself up, practice your social skills, and be presented with a score card and a room full of eligible singles. For those who like to go out, this can be much better than hitting a noisy bar in an often expensive effort to find a date. Generally after about 8 minutes of chatting the males move on to the next female. (A bit like musical chairs for grown ups.)
  • Other functions like soccer games, school functions, and the like can be great opportunities for meeting other single parents. At the very least you can practice your social skills. At the very worst, if you are not careful, you can end up coming across as sleazy and desperate. Keep the flirting down and to appropriate levels. Dress for the venue and occasion. We have all seen the single mother with the cleavage proudly on display at soccer or awards night. Likewise we have all seen the single dads hitting on anything in a dress. Don’t put yourself into either of those 2 categories. You may well feel desperate, but keep your dignity. Desperate behavior will only get you a one night stand at best.

Dating as a single parent may seem daunting initially. However, there are many options available for single parents looking to date. Online dating offers many benefits for single mums and dads, namely being both time and cost effective. Take consolation from the fact that there are literally millions of other single parents out there right now looking for romance as well. Here are some reviews of dedicated single parent dating sites.

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