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Are you one of the one million people who will be newly diagnosed with genital herpes in the United States this year? Are you thinking sad thoughts like “I will never find anyone to have sex with again”, or “No one will ever want to date me” or “My sex life is over”? Nothing could be further from the truth. The only good thing about 45 million people in the US having herpes is that there many herpes dating sites out there to choose from.

Once you get over the shock of your diagnosed herpes it is natural to worry about your sex life and future partners. Yes, some people may not want to continue to date you once they hear about your virus, but there are plenty of other people who will not let that get in the way. When you start dating again, you will have to allow the relationship to develop before jumping in with your news.

It is not going to be a great idea to tell your potential lover when things are already hot and heavy. You have an obligation to let them know in advance and to always have safe sex. Whenever you feel an outbreak coming on, you will have to abstain until the sores are totally healed with new skin. Condoms can prevent some transmission, but not all, as not all infectious sores are covered by the condom.

You should never, ever wait until after you have had sex to tell you new lover your herpes news. This is unfair and they will rightly probably become very annoyed. Some dates will need time to digest your news, and maybe go off and do some research. Some people may astonish you by telling you that they already have it. Since 1 in 5 adults in the US over the age of 12 have herpes, this is a fairly likely scenario. Consider that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 8 men are infected with the herpes virus.

Herpes Dating Sites

Dating other people infected with herpes can be a lot easier and much less dramatic. These people who have been just as unlucky as you will not be freaking out when you give them your news. Herpes dating sites have been created to make it easier for people with herpes to get back into the dating world.

Herpes dating services for people with herpes have been created to take all the drama, anxiety and uncertainty out of the herpes single life. Not only do these specific dating websites for people with herpes provide you with potential dates, but they also offer herpes support, herpes information, and advice for living with herpes.

Some of these dating sites are specifically for herpes dating alone, and some STD dating sites include all STD infected singles. (There are over 70 million people in the US with some form of STD.) You may prefer to select a herpes dating network specifically for herpes singles, or you may prefer a dating site for all STD singles.

Many people with an STD find it easier to use a specific dating site. The thought of having to tell a prospective new partner about your virus can be overwhelming and embarrassing for some. The great advantage to a herpes dating site is that you will know that about each other before you get hot and heavy. If the relationship doesn’t work out, it will not be because you or the other person is blaming the herpes.

Safe Sex

Just because you have the herpes virus does not make you immune to picking up anything else. In fact, medical research has revealed that people infected with genital herpes can be more susceptible to picking up HIV. You need to be practicing safe sex in the first instance until you get to a stage in a relationship where you are going to be monogamous and screened for diseases.

Using condoms will only protect your partner from coming into contact with any sores covered by the condom. Condoms do not always cover all the infected sites. When you are suffering from an outbreak you need to abstain from intercourse until the scabs have healed and new skin is formed.

Dating with Herpes

Having herpes does not mean that you will never have sex again. Having herpes has not changed who you are or your personality. You dated before you got the herpes and you will date again. You may have to change your sexual practices and develop a relationship prior to explaining about your herpes.

Genital herpes dating sites can be a great solution for those herpes singles who are finding it overwhelming or embarrassing when dating new partners. Dating other singles with herpes can be a relief for many singles who cringe at the thought of having to tell someone. Herpes dating websites can be the perfect solution for any single who has had an unpleasant experience in the past trying to tell a new partner about their health.

Herpes dating sites level the playing field for those singles with herpes. Why make dating any trickier than it is already? Have a look at a few herpes dating sites and see for yourself how many single hotties there are out there with the same virus as yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised. You can have herpes and still date and have sex. Make sure you see this review on one specific dating site for dating with herpes.

As I mentioned earlier,  you can visit this site now which focuses on positive outcomes for people with herpes and other STDs at this helpful link.

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