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I recently read there were (unfortunately for men) more men in the UK than there are women. I’m sure the women think that’s great. In a nutshell there are approximately 2 million more men than women at the time of writing. Best to keep this in mind when you decide to start the entrepid road to UK dating Sites .

Many women believe that if they only want a male for romantic reasons, they can simply visit a pub or bar and they’re ripe for the picking. I don’t believe there are too many who would doubt that anyway. This may not be the solution for males however. Not to mention the costs of drinks and entry fees in some place. After all that, you may still end up with no-one to talk to but the moths in your wallet. I haven’t mentioned the ratios in night spots are also weighed against the male. May as well stay home and drink tea, right? Wrong!

Stay with me here I’m getting to the nitty gritty now.

Try these on for size. I recently learned there were more than two million men over the age of twenty eight to thirty who are single or divorced in Britain. Most of them are on the prowl.

It makes a lot of sense to consider or at least be smart enough to use dedicated online English dating sites to find someone as a partner in the UK. Look at it this way. No drinks to pay for, don’t have to dress-up, no parking issues, you avoid all the hard work of chatting some-one up and then discovering they’re a bad fit. You can even get to see if they have three heads before you make contact. You can do this over a cuppa’ in your dressing gown too!

You of course you want to find someone special and this is the most direct manner in which to achieve good results with the best use of time.
Here’s what to look for.

  • Make sure the dating site is a dedicated UK dating site.
  • Make sure it has plenty of members
  • Ensure it is reasonably established
  • Beware of free sites (would you place your complete profile and picture on a free site?.. I wouldn’t!)

Remember you’re after someone special not a scrooge or a predator. There are exceptions to this but on the whole, why not play it safe from the start?! The old adage, ‘You get what you pay for’ applies with online dating. By all means try a free dating site to begin with but watch your step. Can the owners of the site afford to eradicate technical glitches, or viruses and what kind of person will you discover there?

On a more positive note I have supplied a link to our page on preferred UK dating sites. We only affiliate with the sites we investigate and trust. These are updated every so often and we are always open to scrutiny but we have never received negative feed back on these UK dating sites.

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