Tips to Keeping the Romance Alive in a New Relationship

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All of us have experienced the beginning or “honeymoon” phase of a relationship.  Most often it is filled with electricity, excitement, passion and romance.   After a time, for many of us, the sizzle seems to slowly begin to slip away.  If you are thinking, please don’t let this happen to me, you have come to the right place.   All you need is the heart, desire and the ability act on a few proven tips to keep the romance burning.

Make your relationship a priority:   In order to keep the romance alive, you will need to make sure that you are truly dedicating quality, fun time to your relationship.  Many times after we become comfortable with our partner, we begin to take our relationship for granted.  Continue to take the time to enjoy each other’s company through weekly date nights.  Keep simple romantic pleasures alive during your dates.  Hold hands, steal quick kisses and take a few moments to gaze into each other’s eyes.

Create the element of surprise, be spontaneous:   Don’t make the mistake of getting stuck in the rut, so to speak.  Keep the excitement alive by surprising each other with something you wouldn’t normally do.  For example, surprise your partner by making his/her favorite meal.  Follow it by renting and watching a romantic movie together.

Take the romance “out on the edge”:  Ah… this simply means trying something fun and exciting together that neither of you have ever done before.  Make it spontaneous and when possible chose an activity that gets your adrenaline flowing.  Some ideas include rock climbing, playing laser tag or zip lining.  If you want to choose a more tame activity that can also be fun and exciting, take a ballroom dance class together.  Such a class can be fun and romantic.

Write love notes to each other:   This is a simple, sometimes overlooked way to keep the sizzle in your relationship alive.  Leave each other small love notes.  Handwritten ones can have more meaning, but in today’s tech age, texting and emailing throughout the day can also add electricity to your relationship.

Plan a Couples Massage:  If you can afford it, you can head to the spa and book a couples massage.  However, if you can’t afford it or are looking to have an extra special romantic evening, you can certainly plan your own private massage night.  Purchase some essential oils, play some romantic music and of course light some candles.  It is no telling where the night could lead.

Celebrate life together:   So many times, we overlook the simple pleasures of life that can add romance to our relationships.  There really are numerous occasions to be happy and to celebrate all that our life and relationships have to offer.  Take the time to celebrate occasions together such as birthdays, Valentine’s day, work promotions, monthly anniversaries, and so on.   This helps you to connect as a couple and really to enjoy the pleasure of each other’s joys.

A lighted hearted video on knowing in 90 seconds if the romance is over.

Listen and learn from your partner:   So many times we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget to tune into our partner’s wants and desires.  If you want to keep the romance alive, ask your partner about his/her day, his/her life’s goals, dreams and ambitions and even just what hobbies they are interested in.  Just simply supporting and understanding your partner can keep those passionate feelings buzzing inside you.

Plan quiet, romantic time:  Simply finding a picturesque setting and taking a walk hand in hand can leave you and your partner feeling tender and loving.  Add to it a picnic lunch that you feed to each other and the romance is sparking.

Get away for a romantic weekend:  If the funds are available, this can be a sure way to enjoy each other’s company and to spice up the relationship.  Finding a place that you have never visited so that you can explore together is always fun and exciting.  However, don’t fret if such a trip is not within your means.   If you are unable to steal a weekend away, you can always plan a romantic weekend where you live.

Experience in the dating and relationship arena has taught me that I don’t have all the answers. So, if you think you have a tip on romance for others reading this article, feel welcome to leave it in the comments section below. If you think you can elaborate further on one of the points above – go ahead and leave a comment. We can all do better  as a group learning from each other’s experience.

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