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Do you secretly fancy dating a stripper? Women strippers, lap dancers, pole dancers, the mind boggles, and so does your groin. Imagine having your own private lap dance that you didn’t have to pay for! A stripper pole in the bedroom. Strippers as your girlfriend’s friends! Just think, booty and titties everywhere! Why date a stripper? Why not? You’ve got to try it at least once. If this sounds like an excellent idea, you should get your hands on this hot guide on how to date a stripper. You have to at least read the intro page that link takes you to, to realise how easy this is. Doesn’t every hot blooded guy want to date a stripper? Or, if you’re squeamish, you can read on a bit….

Does this sound like your idea of heaven? Don’t all guys secretly lust for the hot girlfriend who knows a few little secrets on how to please her guy? Every night could be show night! A sexy lap dance while the sport is playing will still leave your hands free for the remote and the beer. If you are really lucky, she might give you the lap dance in the commercials! That would be truly thoughtful!

You could be the envy of all your mates. Having your own private lap dancer will make your mates green with envy. Her stripper girlfriends can come to all your mates parties for a bit of eye and arm candy. Dude, you will be invited to every party!

All your mates will be lying in their lonely beds at night thinking about you with your stripper. Stripper poles and thongs will be what they are all thinking about. Every night for you would be like your very own bachelor’s party.

Fall in love with a stripper. Lap dances, pole dances, strip teases, all for your very own non paying eyes. You would never have to leave your house. Every night would be your very own private party. A hot lap dance every night. If you are really lucky, she might be able to cook as well. A domesticated stripper, what guy could ask for more?

The other fantastic thing about dating a stripper is that you know she is never going to let herself go. I mean, dude, we see it all the time, these single hot girls who find themselves a guy, and then think it’s OK to put on a few pounds. Before you know it, the hot girlfriend has cellulite and thunder thighs.

Date a stripper and have a sex life beyond your wildest wettest dreams. If she can take her clothes off for strangers imagine what she is going to do for you. You will get so many naked lap dances you will probably die of exhaustion. Think of the stories you will be able to tell your mates.Strippers need to keep themselves looking good to keep their paying gig. You know she’s not going to run to fat. The sexy lingerie is always going to look fantastic on your hot babe. Speaking of sexy lingerie, the stripper girlfriend is generally going to be getting Brazilians to look respectable in her thong. You are never going to have to beat your way through the bush!

I repeat – why date a stripper? Why not? You’ve got to try it at least once. If this sounds like an excellent idea you should get your hands on this hot guide which tells you exactly how to date a stripper. You have to at least read the intro page to realise how easy this is. Doesn’t every hot blooded young guy want to date a a stripper?



  • steve

    I dated a stripper for 8 months. The jealousy and push and pull of the relationship wasn’t worth it. I think strippers should be for sex and
    friendship only in my opinion :0)

  • Julie

    You presume a stripper would be available for night after night of great, free lapdances, but you’re forgetting that if you need her at home to fulfull your fantasies instead of being at work (a strip club, presumably), how will she make her money? Are you going to pay her salary? If so, it’s not free is it? If not, she’ll likely be at work. And trust me, if she’s working at a strip club stripping, the last thing she wants to do when she gets home is DANCE FOR YOU. She’s tired, cranky, and sick of having mens hands roaming her body unchecked. So unless your paying her to dance for you, trust me this relationship won’t work.

  • jen

    This is a highly stupid post. I’m a dancer and never would I give a lap dance to a guy I was seeing. That’s work, my personal life is seperate. Whoever wrote this article is an idiot who trust me….has never dated a “stripper”.

  • Brandy

    This is the dummest website i have ever seen. I am a dancer and i have lots of “stripper friends” we go to work to make money and put up with alot of bull shit there to begin with and we all want to leave work at work and our keep our real life at home. not one of us girls wants to have to go home all the time and do dances too any yes maybe sometimes it is sexy and hot to dance for our ” OWN MAN … ALONE ” i do not know any dancer that wants to go and share her man with all the other stippers after work for dances and sex . . . LMFAO … we are people to and we love having a private love life and do not like to think of our work as a dating site , some guys might get lucky and be able to pick one of us girls up for a night but to be honest it nothing more then money and that it the honest to god truth so go ahead and full for this b/s site on how to date a dancer. All of us stripper had a good laugh at it here at work.

  • Brandy

    sorry about the spelling errors on the comment above … i type fast lol

  • Zara

    Wow. Okay, I am a stripper, and I have to agree with Brandy. This is stupid. I work all day doing dances for guys, pretending they are Brad Pitt so I can provide the fantasy of enjoying the dance, I deal with bull from some customers, and I do it all while wearing 6 to 8 inch heels all day. The LAST thing I want to do when I come home from all of that, is dance. And I DEFINITELY don’t want to bring home my other exhausted “stripper friends” for a wild sex party or whatever. Any guy that loses sight of the fact that this is our JOB and nothing more than a FANTASY IMAGE that we are giving you while we are at WORK is retarded or needs to get back in touch with reality, and leave the fantasy at the club.

    As for steve’s comment about jealousy and push and pull involved in dating a stripper, dude, you have to be secure to date us. You know what we do. If you can not handle it, then do not date us. Period. Some guys can and some guys can’t. You have to not be insecure and realize that if she wanted to leave you, she would leave you. You can’t date a dancer and then complain about what she does, or get jealous. It’s irritating in our eyes and makes you unappealing. Just be secure and you appeal will stay high, and everything will run a lot smoother for you, and for her as well, which means a happier relationship.

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