10 Important Do’s And Don’ts When Gay Dating

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10 Important Do’s And Don’ts When Gay Dating Gone were the days when rigid stereotypes have hindered many gay people from openly dating.  Many societies around the world are more open about gay relationships.  There are even countries that allow gay marriage.

Just like in any kind of relationship, dating is an important part of courtship.  It is during this time when two people can spend time with each other and know one another better.  Gay dating is one important phase for gays to find a really special someone they can spend the rest of their lives with.  Dating, whether between heterosexuals or homosexuals, can be nerve-wracking and can be a high-pressure situation when each would want to impress his or her date. When gay dating, remember that first impressions last so, aside from putting your best foot forward, keep in mind these important do’s and don’ts when gay dating.

1. Don’t Be Late.  Just like in any other kind of date, being on time is very important.  Being tardy or late will not give a good impression to your date.  If you know that you are going to be late due to some unavoidable circumstances, inform your date beforehand.  With cellular phones, communication is much easier and simpler nowadays.

2. Do Dress Appropriately.  It would always be wise to dress appropriately for the occasion.  Since you will have an idea on the place where you will date, dress appropriately.  There’s nothing wrong in expressing yourself via the way you dress but it would be good to tone down an outlandish style every once in a while.

3. Don’t Drink Too Much.  Having a drink too many can make you loose your cool and composure.  Some people drink before meeting their dates because they are nervous and they want to calm their nerves.  If you think drinking can help you to make the date go smoothly, remember that you will not make a good impression if you reek of alcohol.  It generally is prudent not to drink especially on first dates but if it can’t be avoided, don’t drink too much.

4. Do Pay Attention.  You agreed on this date because you want to spend time with and to know the other person better.  So, pay attention to your date and not at the hot hunk in the other table.  This is not the time for your roving eyes.

5. Don’t Talk About Your Ex/Exes.  You go on dates to know your date better on the personal level and not to whine about how your ex had treated you in the past.  Your date is not your personal shrink so don’t dig it up.

6. Do Be Nice.  There will certainly be times when you feel that there’s no chemistry between you and your date.  Be that as it may, be nice to your date still as he or she could still be your friend.  If you can’t say something nice, just don’t day it.

7. Don’t Talk About Financial Issues.  Financial issues are something you should never bring up especially on first dates.  It really would be awkward if you ask your date how much he earns in a year or how much his car costs or if he is already done with his house’s mortgage.  You should also not bring up how much you are worth or that you have just bought a small island in the Caribbean.

8. Do Bring Enough Money.  It would really be very embarrassing if you don’t have enough money to pay your tab.  It would always be wise to bring some extra money as something may go wrong with your credit cards.

9. Do Be Yourself.  Be honest of who you really are.  Discard pretensions and made up stories.   If your relationship prospers, it will not be good for you if your date will find out later that you lied.

10.  Don’t Press For Intimacy.  Sure, your date is so hot that you just want to have a kiss.  Even if you are feeling this way and if your date feel uncomfortable or is reluctant, respect your date and don’t push the issue.

There are more tips too but this is enough to get started on the right track.

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