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There are literally hundreds of gay online dating service sites for you to choose from.  How do you pick one that will fit your needs?   Figuring out what things are important to you will help you narrow the field.

Take some time surfing the net and checking out a few of the sites.  Spend enough time on each one to get the feel of it, and see what types of special options it might have for you.

Keep in mind that there are hybrid sites that offer matchmaking to both gay and heterosexual males and females, as well as those which are geared exclusively for gay men and women.  More important than the type of site is whether or not that particular site has lots of eligible singles in your area who look interesting.

It is often difficult for people to make the leap to a gay online dating service.  Many feel they should be able to just meet someone at the dry cleaner or gas station, but we all know that real life is much more difficult for the wide majority of people.  Think of it this way instead.  Most people are so busy nowadays with their careers and other commitments that they have no time to try and meet someone.  If you have the time, the whole bar scene may be a turn-off for you, or maybe your town is so small that there aren’t many singles out there anyway.   These are frustrations, to be sure, but some of the things that gay online dating services can help you to avoid.

If you sign up for a gay online dating service, you can decide when is a good time for you to scour through the ads and find some intriguing people.  Some sites mask your identity completely during the “getting-to-know-you” phase, and you can choose to meet the person on your terms.

There are lots of cool features on these sites: advice, feedback on relationships, tips, articles, online dating, sexuality and more.  Want to meet a woman 30-40 with a slim build?  With built-in functionality that includes information on age, gender, sexuality, distance, ethnicity, hair color, eye color, body type, career, etc., a full picture starts to emerge. You can find out a lot about a person just by reading their profile completely.

Choose the best gay online dating services by reading reviews about them.  There are some that definitely are not recommended, due to poor performance or allowance of bad seeds to remain online even after complaints are filed.  The best sites handle problem members immediately.  The reviews can also give you an idea of any special features of sites, and let you know if any of them has a specific niche that might be attractive to you.

Sign up for half a dozen sites and try all of them for a few weeks before you decide which one should be your “go-to” site.  Check out how user-friendly the site is and if you’re comfortable with it. See if they offer bulletin boards, anonymous emails, or chat rooms if those things are important to you.   Get an idea of how many appropriate singles there are within a comfortable geographic area for you to talk with and get to know.  After you’ve done on your legwork and you’ve found the site that you believe will help you find love, it’s okay to invest in yourself.  You may decide to upgrade your membership on that site while leaving your profile on the other sites and just using the free membership.

After all, the more people you talk to, the closer you get to the “right” one!

You can always visit our reviewed and favourite gay dating sites.

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