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What They Say…

The Spanish version of FriendFinder. As Spanish/Latin and South American sites are still relatively few in number, sign up at Amigos Amores AND the other more popular dating services for their FREE memberships to increase your chances of meeting someone who shares your cultural heritage and/or interests. The service is also available in English. ..although you need to know that ‘Haz clicaqu?ara escoger el formato en inglés’ means ‘click here for the English version’ to find it. :-)) You must sign up for their free membership in order to browse or search through their profiles database. My guess is that this will change as they get more free members signed up.

Quote from site – Bienvenido a es ideal para encontrar al gran amor de tu vida. También podrás convertir tu cyber cita con otra persona en realidad. Además en podrás ampliar tu c?ulo de amistades, alrededor del mundo. Disponemos de más de 4,000,000 miembros registrados. Miles de personas se están uniendo a nuestra página diariamente. Quizás ma??, en puedas conocer a esa persona especial, con la que compartas el resto de tu vida. – Rating 4.5/5 

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