Five Things to Know When Dating Black Women

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If you’re trying or planning to ask a black woman out on a date, here’s an article that will show you how to save a lot of time and effort. In fact, we will talk about Five Things to Know When Dating Black Women that you need to remember.

Most men make mistakes when they try too hard and they get too nervous when asking out black women. This is actually weird considering the fact that well, black women are women. The race or color of the skin does not mean anything.

1. Keep it Simple
“Hi there, are you free on Saturday? Maybe we could go out for a cup of coffee or a movie?” Yes, it is that simple to ask out a black woman. Most don’t need you to be extravagant. As long as you’re serious and sincere, you don’t have to worry about anything else.

2. Don’t Overcompensate on Race
So, it’s your first time to date an African-American woman. That doesn’t mean that you can keep blurting out “I’ve always liked black women” or “Black women are sexier than other women”… and please, do not just break into a rap song or start doing some break dancing! Remarks (and actions!) like these can give the impression that you are trying too hard. It can also even make your date feel uncomfortable.

3. Always be Honest
Now, should the topic of dating someone from another race (not just black women), what should you say? Well, it’s actually pretty simple: the truth. Whether it is your first, fifth or 100th time dating a black woman, just come right out and say the truth. Don’t lie- nobody likes to be lied to!

4. Keep an Open Mind
Of course, there is no denying that dating a black woman will be a little different. But hey, isn’t every other girl unique too? We all come from different backgrounds, socio-economic classes, education, religion and cultures. When you are dating someone new, you need to keep an open mind and as long as there’s nothing too bizaare or downright wrong about the other person, just accept your differences. Who knows, those “differences” can be the factors that will keep your relationship much more fun and interesting.

5. Just Act Normal
When you are dating a black woman, do act like you’re dating a woman. You don’t have to be “fly” or a “hustler” or anything! Just act like your good ol’ self. Women are very instinctive- they know when you’re being someone you’re not. When you’re out with a girl, be who you really are.

As you can see, there is really one golden rule when you’re dating a black woman: don’t sweat on the “black” and just focus on the “woman.”

Most people, not just men, go out there in the dating world to find someone they could spend their time with. They want someone who would love them for who they are- not for their skin color!

So remember, when you are dating a black woman, keep it simple, do not put too much weight on race, be honest all the time, keep an open mind and just act yourself. As you may have already known, each woman has her own set of strengths, weaknesses, flaws and things that attracts you to her. This makes it really impossible to create a list of “do’s and don’ts” of dating black women. Black women are women – plain and simple. So if you want to successfully date a black woman, treat her with respect and affection.

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I hope this has been of some help. If you just learned one thing then you’re ahead right?

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