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Going On Your First Date can make a person really nervous. For some, first dates remind them of not-so-good past experiences while others are just plain shy and nervous. In some cases, a person may like the other person too much and this feeling can make them overly anxious of how that other person will think of them.

Thinking about your date’s expectations can add to your anxiety. On the other hand, your date could be feeling the same way. Don’t expect too much, take things as it is, and be flexible. Focus on the beautiful things that can and may happen in your date. Have fun and enjoy knowing another person better.  Sometimes, setting too many expectations can ruin an otherwise good date.

That is why planning the date can help lessen the anxiety and the nervousness that you feel. Planning a date is important because it can give you an idea on what to expect.  On the other hand, spontaneous dates do happen and many of such spur of the moment dates turn out to be great.  However, if you are just getting to know the person, it is better to be on the safe side.

First dates can make or break a possible relationship you can have with the opposite sex. That is why making a good first impression on your first date is important.  Most people know the basics because these basics in dating are pure common sense. However, people tend to forget and make a fool of themselves in front of their dates.

If you are on your first date with a certain person, here are some tips that you should always bear in mind:

Do not be late. In any given circumstances, try your best not to be late on your agreed time. It is always better to be early and be settled on the meeting place minutes before the agreed time. Being late can create a poor impression and may not sit well with your date. More often than not, being tardy or late is a sign of being irresponsible. However, there are things that are beyond your control that may make you late for your romantic date.  This is why calling your date and explaining the dilemma is very important. Just make sure that your reason is valid and don’t overdo the explanation.

Be presentable. Showing at your meeting place well-dressed is a nice gesture. Make sure that you are dressed appropriately according to your age and the place where your rendezvous will be. Choose your outfit carefully and think twice before deciding on it. The dress or suit can make an impact on first dates. Being presentable by being clean overall is a plus. Make sure that your hair is well kept, your teeth are brushed, your nails are clean, and your breath smells good. Foul smelling breath is a major turn-off and can ruin the night. So, be very particular with your breath and if you are having problems with it, go to the nearest doctor and find a cure before it destroys your love life.
Be very careful with your actions and don’t drink too much. Being careful is not drinking to much alcoholic drinks on your first date. If you drink too much, your partner will likely think that you are an alcoholic. A few cocktails or beer is enough. People drink alcoholic beverages on first dates to lessen the tension, but they drink with limitation. If you get drunk at the end of the date, tendency is that date will turn into a disaster.

Choose topics that are safe to discuss. Be careful with the topics to talk about. Politics and religion are the two topics that you should avoid, for clashes in these sensitive topics may arise. If you can avoid it, don’t discuss previous relationships and heartaches. The first date is not the right time to share the former life that you’ve had. However, if you cannot avoid persistent questioning of your date, answer it politely and briefly. Lastly, do not talk about yourself non-stop. That is a major turn-off and if you keep on doing it, tendency is, your date will leave you. Remember to be attentive with your date also. Ask your date about his/her interests, or the things that you two might have in common like music and books. And lastly, respect any interests or opinions that your date has.

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