Is Online Dating Still Alive?

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We all know that the traditional ways of dating and courting are all but a thing of the past. Even the most traditional people have embraced the fact that Is Online Dating Still Alive and that a lot of people rely on dating sites to find a suitable mate. But with all the advancements in technology and the big boom of social media (everybody has Facebook!), the question is: is online dating still alive?

Now, Is Online Dating Still Alive? is a totally legitimate question. A lot of people, strangers and friends, communicate regularly through Facebook or Twitter. You meet people through these sites and sometimes, a random “wall post” can turn into a relationship and a random “retweet” can turn into a love affair.

Do online dating sites like eHarmony and DateAMillionaire still exist?

The Facts & Figures

To give it to you straight, yes, online dating is still very much alive. In fact, they’re still growing.

Finding love is just one of the few things that will never go out of style. No matter what era it is or where you are from, people will constantly look for ways to find love.

And in a society where almost every household in an urban area has access to the Internet? Well yes, online dating will survive.

In fact, in 2008, just in the continental US alone, online dating services generated about $957 million in revenue. It is estimated to reach at least $932 million in 2011. Just by these big numbers alone, you can expect that more businessmen will venture in building dating sites.

Statistics also show that online dating is very popular in Eastern Europe. A lot of dating sites there are exploring additional services like instant messaging and some even provide paid services to have their profiles more public or exposed.

Online Dating and Technology

Online dating and technology are inseparable. Without technology, online dating will be non-existent. And if online dating sites disappear, cyberspace will have a huge hole in it.

A reason why online dating became a hit is because we all live in a society where everything around us in happening in such a quick pace that even keeping up with the dating scene is getting hard. This is why online dating sprang to life.

If you think about it, nothing is easier than going online and communicating with another person and turn it into a possible relationship. You don’t have to go through the awkward first date too!

Social Effects of Online Dating

Obviously, with the rise and steady proliferation of online dating sites, women are becoming more aggressive when it comes to getting the attention of a man that they like. Dating sites have really opened the door for women to be more assertive and vocal about their dating preferences- this is one of the kind of upside of social dating.

Another benefit of online dating is that it promotes social interaction even if it’s just online.

But of course, there’s the growth of infidelity and dishonesty because of dating sites- but we all know this already, right?

Choosing a Dating Site

For almost as long as it has been around, people are always being warned to be more cautious when they join dating sites. It is so easy to lie about yourself and it is much easier to fall for another person’s lies.

But if you are really serious about finding love online, you should opt for the established dating sites that have the best security and background checking capabilities. There are also new dating sites that offer these kinds of services, just research about the best ones.

The internet really offers more than an opportunity to meet new people- it gives a person a chance to maybe fall in love. Anyway, you can see a HUGE collection of my preferred dating sites on this page which allows you access your own special type of dating site.

I hope you got at least one thing from this article.

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