Online Dating Memberships Soar Despite Economic Downturn. Desperate? Yes. Dateless? No.

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It would appear that while we are all tightening out belts financially, many American singles are looking for love even more vigorously than when the good times were here. Experts have several theories for this. One popular thought is the fact that online dating is less expensive than hitting a bar looking for singles that may just ignore you anyway.

Some experts think the reasoning is that once many supposedly “safe” institutions, such as banks, become unsafe, people start to reevaluate their lives and what they want. It would appear that many decide love and partnerships may be more desirable and more important than wealth, and status symbols.

Yet another theory is that dating new people is quite exciting, and with all those butterflies and hormones, distracting, allowing singles to temporarily forgetting career insecurities, reduced wages, loss of bonuses, impending retrenchment, losing the summer house or the yacht, and other financial woes.

Another more cynical theory is that once you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, the dates can become a lot cheaper than a string of more expensive first dates trying to impress prospective new partners.

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What about this theory? Many people have had their work hours reduced and now have more time to sign up to online dating sites.

Whatever the reasoning, many online dating sites are reporting upswings in memberships of up to 20% since the economic crisis began. While online dating activity has increased by as much as 50%. Online dating sites do have plenty of advantages in these economically grim times. Once the membership has been paid, singles are able to peruse all the available talent from their couch. No having to update the wardrobe or hair, at least not yet. No having to buy a drink, pay for a cab or parking, or even have any cash in your wallet.

Obviously, once you have struck up a conversation with someone you fancy, you will be forced to get out your most flattering outfit and rummage up some cash, but at least you can arrange the date for after pay day. Additionally, if the first person doesn’t work out, you just go back to the dating site and check out all the fresh talent all over again. No extra cash outlays required.

Best of all, with all the extra single folk joining, there will be a bigger variety to select from.

Now, before you get out that credit card in your excitement, don’t forget a few basic rules. Firstly, do your homework.

  • The more established the company, generally the more secure it should be.
  • Secondly, an online dating service with more members is statistically more likely to have more singles that you fancy.
  • Thirdly, if you fall into a particular niche of dating, such as religious, gay, STD, or preferred race, then it’s probably a great idea to check out that they cater to your needs. Lastly, but not least, are there singles at the site who live in your part of the globe? Don’t forget, we are all on budgets and it will be better economically if your date lives closer by than a plane trip.


Online dating sites can make a lot of financial sense when watching the cash flow. Grim financial times need not mean sacrificing your dating agenda. Desperate financially does not necessarily mean you have to be dateless as well.

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