Understanding What Men Really Want in a Relationship

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What Men Really Want Do you think you really understand what men want in a relationship? If you honestly think that you know what they are looking for, you may be in for the biggest surprise of your life. For all you know, there may be a great difference between what you think they want and what men actually want in a relationship. Are you ready to learn about this? If you are, then let’s get started!

What Men Really Want
What men want and what you think they want may be two different things. To close the gap between the two and to increase your chances of developing a wonderful romantic relationship with a man who deserves you, you may need to know some of the things most men look for in a relationship.

Men prefer women who know how to treat a man. In today’s modern society, some women treat men in ways that negatively affect their morale and diminish their egos. Needless to say, men do not want this kind of treatment. They need women who will make them feel complete. While you may think that they do not need it, men actually long to be praised, acknowledged and appreciated. So, learn how to show your appreciation for the things your man is doing for you and you will surely see your relationship blossom.

Honest communication. For most men, honest communication is regarded as the key to a successful relationship. While you may think that they want women who keep their silence, they really appreciate women who can tell them the truth in a kind and gentle way. They want women who can confidently ask for what they want and what they need and gives them information even without being asked. Do you think you can do that? If you can, you’re on your way to a successful relationship.

Men do not want to be manipulated. So, do you think the only way to get your man’s attention is to manipulate him in doing the things you want when you want it? Believe me, do this and you will risk losing your man. Men do not appreciate being manipulated in any way. They do not like reading minds, interpreting vague signals or taking the blame for everything that goes wrong in the relationship. As mentioned earlier, what they want is to have an open and honest communication. Speak your mind in a kind, gentle and loving manner and you will surely keep your man by your side.

Men want women who are confident and self-sufficient. Yes, men want to feel needed but they certainly do not appreciate women clinging on to them – either financially or emotionally. Majority of men prefer women who choose them because they want them, not because they need them. You get the idea, right? So, to find the right balance that your man will appreciate, show him that you need him but make sure to have your own set of friends and interests, too. Do not put him in the center of your universe or he may resent all the attention you are giving him.

Men prefer women who are emotionally mature. Are you aware that most men would love to have a lasting relationship with a woman who can laugh at herself and her mistakes? Do you know that they prefer women who have a certain degree of emotional maturity and display an undeniable sense of strength and courage? Do you know that they put extreme value on fidelity and commitment? Well, it’s about time you do. As opposed to what some women think, most men may very well stick with women who show such qualities rather than someone who may look like a supermodel but does not have the emotional maturity to see a relationship through.

Now that you know what most men want in a relationship, are you ready to give your best effort in giving them what they want? Remember, it takes two to tango so be ready to do your part and do it well.

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