Big ChurchA Big Church dating service with a difference, this is an online Christian dating community. You can find a friend, a date or a bible study partner. Not surprisingly there is a proviso on the site that if you are looking for a serious or casual date, then you must be single. Despite this I may add that you should exercise caution, it is fairly easy to prove you are married, by producing your marriage lines, how can you prove that you are single? You should not take it as read that the person you are dating is single, as not all the sharks are in the sea.

Having said that it appears to be a well-designed site with a small database, nearly 400,000 members. The only thorn in the flesh is that this site is slow to load even with broadband access.
The site does send to you a match when someone has joined and is compatible with your criteria. You can also keep tabs on those people you are most interested in. A plus for the site is that your e-mail address is kept anonymous only you can reveal it.

Rating 4/5

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