Older Men Dating Younger Women

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Ask older men why they date younger women and the likely answer will be because they can!  Men love to have a great-looking woman on their arm to show off to their friends, and if she happens to be twenty years younger- so much the better!

Reasons for younger women dating older men seem a lot more varied. Some reasons are maturity, financial security, sometimes a better balance of sexual drive. Younger women often enjoy older men’s company better because they are more mature than the younger men their age. Women mature faster and it takes guys a while to catch up. In the meantime, they don’t want to watch their men play video games when they’d rather be the center of attention.

Older men will often dote on younger women excessively because they are just so happy to be a part of their lives. That extra attention, plus the differences in physical drive can be very appealing. Though older men are much more worldly and experienced, they are not as driven by intense testosterone as the younger men. This can often equate to a much better lover that is more concerned with his woman’s pleasure than his own. Many older guys claim sleeping with a younger woman makes them feel younger as well.

Some women look to the older man in their lives as a mentor, or father figure. This can be a beneficial arrangement for both of them, as the younger woman receives the advice of someone with a lot more life experience, and the man is made to feel powerful because the younger woman looks up to him.
Older men are typically more stable in general: in their life, their other relationships, and their careers. Younger women are drawn to that stability, and the almost certain financial security that comes with senior or mature dating. Women also like the respect that older men show them and others, and the fact that they are well-mannered and polite, and basically, act like grown men!

As with all other types of dating arrangements, there are some pitfalls to beware of:

  • Older men often fall in love with the youthful energy and great looks of a younger woman. After some time together they may realize they have little in common, and the relationship is superficial.
  • It’s great that older guys feel younger when dating a younger woman, but it won’t make them younger no matter what. It’s just something they’ll need to deal with.
  • Often, young women and older men use each other, almost like a business deal. He trades his money, security and assets for her beauty and youth. When the money runs out, or if someone with more power and money comes along, adios!
  • Maybe she’s really in it for the love, and because he’s gentle, mature, and understanding. There is still the unspoken financial security that she gains. When was the last time you saw a beautiful young woman with a penniless older guy?
  • Energy levels are decidedly different. Young women will still want to kick up their heels and go out dancing, and he’d better be able to keep up. If he isn’t, she’s likely to look for another dance partner!
  • Different lifestyles can be a problem. How many men want to start new families in their 50’s, or later? This is often the decision that they might need to make when dating a younger woman. If the woman wants children, he will be encouraged to give them to her, regardless of his age and physical health.
  • Will the younger woman stick with the older guy through sickness and the inevitable aches and pains of growing older? All of those aches and pains will seem foreign to someone youthful without any of those problems.
  • The guy just may not be around as long as she’d like. No matter how young she is now, she would be wise to look to the future. Men naturally age and pass away younger than women, and the chances of her becoming a widow at a young age are greatly magnified when she’s with an older man.

There are exceptions to every rule, and many couples with large age gaps have great relationships. Like all relationships, it’s how much they care for each other and how much passion they put into keeping the relationship alive that will make all the difference! Here is a review and links to senior dating sites.

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