What’s best Online Dating or the Singles Bar?

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Breaking news! Latest research shows you are much more likely to meet your partner through online dating sites than at a singles bar. Why? Dark noisy seedy night club. Relatively honest dating profile with accompanying photo. Possible alcohol consumption. Nothing stronger than a coffee or glass of wine. Are we getting the picture?

Read on for the lowdown on why you are far more likely to meet a long term love through an online dating service than in the local night club.

Once upon a time we met our partners through friends, school, parents (yuk), and at least once in a while, a blind date set up by a friend we knew meant well. These often turned out to be nightmares though. Not always, but some stories I heard were horrific.

Of course, that still occurs and when it does, nothing changes. However, with dating services a few things have changed and some of the encouraging statistics are overwhelmingly on your side. No matter who you are (or aren’t).

Let’s look at some Single Bars and Online Dating comparisons;

1. Best friend lines you up with someone they have met. This is a good thing if only for the fact your friend is trying to do the right thing. In reality, your friend is making a choice or judgement on your behalf. The chances of success are reasonable because your friend should know your taste in people. BUT, what really happens here is that your friend is lining you up with someone they think you ought to be with. Their opinion of who should be your partner. With this in consideration, the likelyhood of success becomes limited.

online dating2. Time! Whatever… To find the right person I’m prepared to use as much time as needed you say. Cool! Again..whatever! However, wouldn’t that time be better used screening the opportunities available. Selecting a rough match initially…and then meeting a selected short list. Makes more sense to me, especially if information is provided up front prior to meeting. This allows a type of shortlisting system.

If it’s not hard work, then it’s worth considering – right? This is what people are now opting for. It’s more the ‘way to go’!

3. Plus’s and Minus’s of the singles bar – You just go to one place. That’s a plus. If your personal introduction is second rate, you’ll probably blow what could have been the right partner. For instance while saying hello, you dribbled or sprayed in her drink while saying ‘Hi, my name is Ssssteve or Sthally’. Nervousness turns up when you least want it or expect it. Then there’s the body language thing. Have you read it correctly or are you blindly about to ask for their phone number while they’re passionately kissing someone else.

4. Another bunch of negatives includes the fact that singles bars can eat a hole in your pocket with entrance fees, drinks and getting to the club and home. Then there’s the issue of getting tarted up for the occasion. The best nights are usually only Friday and Saturday. Also, waking up with a hang over can be an unfortunate outcome or worse, waking up with a hangover and an incredibly ugly person who has spewed and wet your bed in a drunken stupor. You think that’s as bad as it can get, then they tell you they’ve got herpes. If this does happen to you, this is where you can learn a little about herpes dating. Back to the issue at hand. You now have to seriously question the night’s investment and equally important, your strategy. Going out with the guys or girls for the night is different. That’s fun! However if you’re in search mode other ways of finding a suitable partner are much better.

5. Online dating sites allow you to shortlist those with similar interests, habits, you can check their appearance, likes, dislikes, vocation etc. all before taking any steps. You can do this in your underwear or jim jams. Your initial screening is online – who’s going to know what you’re wearing then? You only pay for membership and even that’s after you’ve looked around a little to see what the site has available. No hangovers. A reduced risk of choosing the wrong person. No dimly lit night club errors and you can also date safely. True…it can be a pain in the butt finding worthwhile sites to become a member, so a site which reviews online dating sites becomes a little more sensible doesn’t it? Here’s one more thing. You can go looking any night or day of the week. You’re not stuck with a choice of Friday or Saturday night.

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