Is He Interested in You: 7 Telltale Signs

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How do you know if a guy you met online is interested in you? How can you tell if he merely wants to be friends with you or is he interested in you and wants to get on a more intimate relationship with you? Well, it’s really quite easy – especially if you know how to interpret his online behavior correctly. You don’t even have to see him to know if he wants to get to know you better. His actions and words will tell you everything you need to know!

According to a report published in the June 2003 issue of the journal Theory and Psychology, cyber-flirting is very much similar to offline flirting. Taking this into consideration, here are some telltale signs that can help you determine if the guy you are talking to in your online world is really quite into you:

He took the time to read your dating profile. A man who is interested in you will definitely take the time to read your profile in its entirety. You will know who these people are for they will leave specific comments about some of the details you have written in your profile or ask you for more information about yourself.

He will quickly respond to your messages. If a man is really interested, he will definitely take the time to respond to your messages as quickly as he can. If he’s on IM or on Facebook, he will send you a message as soon as he sees you online. He will also want to keep the conversation going by asking about your day or by sharing what happened to his day. He will take a more active interest in the things you like and the things you love to do just to show you that he cares. He will even ask you a lot of deeper and more personal questions to know you better.

is he interested in youHe will send you offline messages. How many times have you received offline messages telling you that he’s online or why he hadn’t been online and what he is doing for the day? Well, if you are wondering why he does these things, it is simply because he wants to let you know when he will be online. He wants to talk with you, girl!

He will start showing how he feels. While you may not be able to see each other personally, he can still show how he feels by using emoticons and acronyms. He may even give you some cute nicknames as a sign of endearment.

He spends a lot of his time with you. You can tell if a guy is into you if he prefers to spend all of his free time with you. He will usually make time in his busy schedule just to send you an online message or two (even just to say hi) to let you know that he is thinking about you. He will even cancel his social plans for the weekend just to spend some more time with you and may even stop dating other girls altogether. If you notice these signs, well, there is a great chance that there’s something special going on.

He will become increasingly protective of you. As you get to know each other better, you may notice that he is becoming more protective, especially when you are playing in online gaming sites. He just wouldn’t tolerate anyone making rude comments to you and will definitely stand up and speak up for you – your very own knight in shining armour indeed!

He brings you in to his social circle. This is yet another sure sign that a guy is interested in you. Bringing you in to his social circle means that he is serious about pursuing a serious relationship with you.

So now, do you think you can effectively gauge whether or not a guy you are interacting with online is seriously interested in you? Well, after reading this article, you definitely should! Just remember not to completely trust anyone you haven’t personally met and never assume anything unless he actually tells you so and you’ll be fine.

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