Dating Advice for Women: Should You Try to Change your Man?

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‘Should I stay or should I go now?’ Can’t live without him? Can’t live with him? Is he driving you mad? Should you walk away or try and change him? If this sounds like you, then this dating and relationship advice is a must.

We all know that opposites attract. Most dating guides sprout the adage that what attracts us to someone initially, is eventually what we grow to dislike most about them.

Relationships are to some degree all about compromise. The ability to meet halfway is probably the most important dating tip you need to interact with your loved one. But what happens when his annoying traits start to erode your relationship? Can you live with his interfering mother, slobbish mates, gambling habit, binge drinking, flirtatious ways, obsession with his career, overwhelming love of all sports, or whatever else it is that doesn’t seem so cute anymore?

The most important relationship tip to remember is your own personal safety. If your boyfriend has any sort of problem that could endanger you physically, emotionally, legally, or financially, then you should leave immediately. You should not be setting yourself up for a life of misery. Here is a helpful article on how to dump your inappropriate boyfriend.

So your life and finances are not in danger, and you are still there. Can you ignore the issue without going mad? The best course of action here is probably to have a chat with your man. Explain to him calmly what it is you don’t like and why. Try to have some helpful suggestions as to how he could rectify the problem, in advance. Be prepared to listen to him, as you may be opening a Pandor’s box and he might have some complaints about you as well. A great dating technique is to finish the conversation on a positive note with you reinforcing all of his good points so the poor guy doesn’t end up feeling like a total loser.

If he is not prepared to listen or to try and acknowledge the issue, then you should take a good hard look at the relationship. This type of behaviour does not bode well for the future.

Ultimately though, you cannot expect someone to totally change their personality for you. If your man does do this he will lose his sense of self and not be the person you were drawn to initially. If you cannot live with his basic fundamentals then you should just leave. There is no point saying to yourself ‘He would be perfect if only he were more ambitious, smarter, or whatever’ because some things just can’t be changed.

Basically, if the issue is fixable and your man is happy to rectify it, then great. Well done. Bigger problems that seem to be the basis for all arguments need more work, perhaps in the form of counseling. After this, the decision is yours. Can you live with the same argument for the rest of your life or not? Does the rest of the relationship outweigh this particular issue?

No one is perfect, including you. On the other hand, life is not a dress rehearsal.

Read this dating guide. Follow your heart. Be brave. If he is not going to bring you a life of eternal happiness then start looking for Mr. Right now. If you’re ready to take action and learn all you can about finding, attracting and keeping a man, check this excellent source of free dating tips on how to get a man.

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